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We have now posted our teaching and leadership positions for the 2015-16 school year! If you are interested in a role you do not see listed, please fill out a General Application.


Careers @ Explore Schools

At Explore Schools, our first priority is to ensure that 100 percent of our students will achieve. To meet this goal, we look for passionate, reflective and result-driven professionals to join our growing team of teachers, leaders and network staff. Explore Schools values its employees by offering competitive salaries, benefits, and numerous opportunities for professional development and growth.


At Explore Schools, our operating values are essential to our success as a community and team. Before you decide to apply, please take a moment to familiarize yourself with how we engage in our work:


We communicate directly and sensitively. As an Explore Schools’ employee, you are expected to proactively speak up, in a solutions-oriented way, when you are having trouble. We value our people, and trust that our actions/words demonstrate positive intent.


We believe that the most successful staff members of our community are those who are constantly learning and working diligently to improve their craft. To this end, we are flexible and reflective, especially when the work is hard. It is seen as a strength to be able to reflect on what you still need to learn, or don’t yet do well.


Our scholars depend on us each day to prepare them for college preparatory high schools. We make things happen by constantly reflecting on our practice, urgently working on the highest priorities, and using data to drive our instruction. It is not a sign of weakness to ask for help at Explore Schools!


We are a community of dedicated individuals who demonstrate professional integrity. We understand that we must model positive behavior and attitudes in order for our scholars to be successful.


Due to the large number of applications we receive, we require applicants for all positions to apply online. Applicants should only apply for one position, as all applications are reviewed for any available roles. Please indicate your interest in additional positions in your cover letter.


If you are experiencing issues uploading your resume, please e-mail




The Selection Process

Explore Schools utilizes a four stage selection process:


Stage 1:   

Applications received online will be reviewed for candidate experiences, skills and qualifications.

Stage 2:

Candidates meeting the selection criteria will participate in one to two phone interviews.

Stage 3:

Qualified candidates will be invited to an in-person interview and/or performance task.

Stage 4:

All candidates will be notified by Explore Schools regarding the outcome of the selection process, and the potential to begin a new career with Explore Schools.


The selection timeline is extremely rapid, so we appreciate candidate timeliness and responsiveness in communication.


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