Contact Information

188 Rochester Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11213
Tel. (718) 771-2090
Fax (718) 771-2128

Empower @ a Glance

Year founded: 2009
Grades: K-7*

Principal: Brian Ferreira


*Empower will add one grade per year until it reaches full growth with grades K-8.
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About Empower Charter School

Empower Charter School is a student-centered and data-driven learning community within the Explore Schools network that focuses on the needs of individual learners. There are two teachers in every class, as well as a CTT class on each grade level to ensure that students receive the attention they need to thrive.  Our school culture communicates high academic and behavioral expectations for all learners. Parents, students, faculty, staff, and our Board of Trustees collaborate to provide an environment in which each learner is able to continuously improve.

Click here to read our code of conduct to learn more about what we expect of our students.


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