Contact Information

443 St. Marks Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11238
Tel. (718) 989-6702
Fax (718) 701-8328

Exceed @ a Glance

Year founded: 2012
Grades: K-5*
Principal: Mr. Curtis Palmore


*Exceed will add one grade per year until it reaches full growth with grades K-8.

About Exceed Charter School

Exceed Charter school is a K-4 public school in Crown Heights, Brooklyn and will grow over time to be a K-8 school. Exceed is a school where all scholars are given a superb educational experience.  This is achieved through our two-teacher model in all of our classrooms in grades K-5, a major focus on building a solid academic foundation, and encouraging students to be critical thinkers. We also believe that our scholars need more time to develop mastery of the content within our curriculum, so at Exceed we offer daily two 45 minute blocks of literacy and math courses for every scholar!

Exceed Charter School has a high bar for expectations for all members of our community. Leaders ensure that teachers and support staff are equipped with the tools and professional development they need to be exemplary. Teachers look closely at student work and plan their instruction together to ensure the highest quality lessons for all scholars. Scholars are expected to work hard daily and model the school core values. Parents and community members are valued partners that support our scholars to be successful. We believe that when our entire community is working hard as a team, all of our students will be prepared for high-performing college preparatory high schools.


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