Contact Information

Lower School Campus:
1077 Remsen Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11236
Tel. (718) 303-3245
Fax (718) 272-1827
Upper School Campus:
956 East 82nd Street
Brooklyn, NY 11236
Tel. (347) 289-9555
Fax (347) 750-1801


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Excel @ a Glance

Year founded: 2011
Grades: K-6*
Principal: Dana Bogle 


*Excel will add one grade per year until it reaches full growth with grades K-8.


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About Excel Charter School

Excel Charter school is a K-5 public school in Canarsie, Brooklyn and will grow over time to be a K-8 school. Excel is a place where all students can learn at the highest levels possible; our key levers for student achievement are a two-teacher model in all of our classrooms in grades K-5 and a major focus on small group instruction. We believe it’s not enough for our students to learn basic academic skills. For this reason, we push our students’ thinking in way that encourages them to think critically about the world around them.

Collaboration is a key value in our school. Our teachers constantly communicate with families to ensure they are involved in the learning process. Teachers look closely at student work and plan their instruction together to ensure the highest quality lessons for our students. Teachers work closely with our support staff to ensure that our English Language Learners, IEP students, and at-risk learners can all succeed. Students learn to work with each other and with adults so that they can reach their individual goals. We believe that when our entire community is working hard as a team, all of our students will be prepared for high-performing college preparatory high schools.