Nearly 20 years into the charter school movement, less than three percent of our country’s students attend a charter school. The demand for high quality schools far outpaces the ability of charter operators to scale their impact through the start of new schools alone.

Critics still contend that charter school students, though they may mirror the demographics of students attending low performing traditional public schools, are somehow different and better able to learn than students who remain in a traditional public school.

Explore will grow from three schools serving 1,000 students to six schools serving 3,000 students by preferencing students who had attended or were zoned to attend schools being phased out by the Department of Education due to poor performance. We will also co-locate with these schools to ensure students in that community have a high quality school option in their neighborhood.

By working with students from low performing schools, we will prove that ALL children can learn in an environment with high expectations, rigorous academics and caring and committed adults.

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